Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We are in Thailand!

We are in Thailand!

My mom took this picture of us when she dropped us off at the airport, and here we are with all our belongings! 2 suitcases, a carry-on, and personal item each. Thankfully, everything went well with our move!
Leaving Atlanta Airport
Boy, who is our Thai tutor, and Vicki from Special Blessings/Blessing Home Isan, picked us up from the airport and walked us through our transition for our first week in Thailand. We would have been completely lost without their help! Going days without having a phone/internet/being able to communicate with people in a new country is extremely stressful, but having them with us made everything ok!

All the TMM missionaries get together every 6 weeks. The meeting fell after 1 week of our arrival. Having everyone in one room eating together really felt like a family holiday for us. It was also a surprise baby shower for Boy and May, and a surprise house warming for us.
Me and May

All of the TMM missionaries

We started language school! We have about 10 students in our class. We have class 4 mornings a week and 2 teachers each day so that we can learn from a variety of teachers and become acclimated to the different accents and dialects. The class is small and intimate and we enjoy our classes and teachers. We had been studying Thai language for the last 6 months before we moved. Within a week our class had caught up to us! They really threw us in, which we are thankful for and hope we learn quickly!
Walen language school classroom
We don’t have a car yet, so we have been using public transportation. Usually we walk everywhere or take the songthaew. A songthaew is a normal truck that has seats and a cover over the bed of the truck. They have different colored trucks and routes. A lot of Thai people use this everyday to get to school or work. The most common form of transportation is still the motorbike. It is extremely common to see whole families on one motorbike.
Songthaew we take to class

Traffic near our house

Family on a motorbike

Many of you know that leaving our dog in Georgia was very hard for us. Our dog, Cinnamon Bun, is 15 years old and we didn’t believe that this move would be good for him and he has now become my parents' dog. Shortly after arriving in Thailand, our friends Boy and May who are about to have a baby had decided to rehome their dog, Nano. They gave us Nano and she has been so good for us! We know that this was a blessing from God, and that He knew when we were crying leaving Cinna in the states that Nano was already waiting for us in Thailand.
The moment we got Nano